WITNESS Magazine

WITNESS is a magazine produced by Christ Methodist Church containing stories of hope, transformation,
and God’s involvement in our lives, as well as church updates and activities.

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Do note that the views expressed within do not necessarily reflect the official views
of Christ Methodist Church or the Methodist Church in Singapore.

2023 Issue 1

Audacious Faith

2022 Issue 1

In Every Season

2021 Issue 1

A City on a Hill

2021 Issue 2

Facing the Phases

2020 Issue 1

Light of the World

2020 Issue 2

Church Away From Church

2020 Issue 3

Restricted, but Not Defeated!

Jul 2019

A Stretch of Faith

Jan 2018

Joy to the World

Dec 2018

Feels like Home

Jan 2017

Culture of Compassion

Jun 2017

Crossing Cultures

May 2016

Stirred to Speak

Jul 2016

Mercy & Miracles

Jan 2017

Culture of Compassion

Feb 2015

Expressions of Adulation

May 2015

God In My Life

Jan 2014

Living to Give

Jun 2014

A Home to Share

Aug 2014

Family Blessings