Love, Excellence and Community.
These core values have been adopted by Christ Methodist Church to express the unique call that God has given to us as a church, and they are foundational pillars that determine our DNA and culture. As a corporate body, they communicate what is important, shape the way we serve God, minister to one another and how we can serve the community. They speak of our church’s distinctiveness and dictate a personal involvement and alignment as a disciple of Christ.

As a Body of Christ, these core values underline and guide us in achieving our church’s vision of being “Passionate for God, Loving the Community”. At a personal level, they guide our thoughts, words and deeds, influencing and impacting our everyday life as a disciple.

So join us as we embark on this journey in learning more about the core values of our church, and allowing them to become guiding posts in our lives and ministry.

Video Sessions

The Core Values
Session 1: Love

The Core Values
Session 2: Excellence

The Core Values
Session 3: Community