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We have immediate vacancies for the following positions:


1. Ministry Executive

2. Children's Ministry Executive

Interested applicants should send a letter of introduction along with a current résumé to
or 597 East Coast Road, Singapore 429082, attention: Mr. Earl Tan.


Background Summary
Christ Methodist Church, as part of its strategy to strengthen its 5 core ministry bases, seeks to hire a full-time Ministry Executive (ME) to assist and support our base directors (or pastors) to manage, coordinate & implement the pastoral ministry work and activities of assigned ministries.

This position will be to assist and support the base director (or pastor) for the GROW base.

Position & Job Description
The ME assigned to the GROW Department will be responsible to work towards fulfilling the following:

  • Strategize and facilitate the growth in Christlikeness of our members
  • Promote the work of the GROW Department in the church
      • By cultivating a culture of seeking to grow in Christ and a deeper hunger for His word
      • By cultivating a culture of life and spiritual accountability through small groups
  • Provide leadership and assist the GROW Department in executing her Departmental goals/projects
    This will include providing leadership and working with both the Care Group Ministry Chairperson and Discipleship & Nurture Chairperson

Roles & Responsibilities
The ME will report to the Executive Director for day-to-day issues and will work with the GROW director (or pastor) overseeing the work of the GROW base.

GROW base (Care Group, Discipleship & Nurture)

  • Strategic planning for GROW department (To plan a strategy on:)
    • Developing the plans to help grow a spiritually healthy congregation
    • Improving congregational participation in CGs & Grow events
    • Planning and Implementation of all GROW events and curriculum for intentional discipleship
  • Ministering to the Care Groups
    • Visit CGs to connect with them and build relationships
    • Be available as a resource/speaker for the CGs
    • To provide pastoral care to the CG leaders
    • Assist in helping those new to church to find a suitable small group
  • Leadership, event & curriculum development
    • Equipping and Training of Cluster Coaches & Care Group Leaders
    • Planning & Implementation of all GROW events
    • Planning and coordination of all GROW curriculum both for small groups and the church-wide


  • Can lead, thrive and mentor in a team-based environment
  • Teachable, responsive, and respectful of authority
  • Able to create and sustain a strong team culture with high commitment level
  • Experience shepherding including: coaching, mentoring and counselling volunteers or church members
  • Strong communicator for training and equipping purposes


  • A mature, growing believer with a clear understanding of the Gospel, along with the ability to clearly communicate it
  • Theologically grounded
  • Has strong interpersonal relational skills and positive conflict resolution abilities
  • Endorse and support the leadership and vision of CMC

Preferred Qualifications
Bachelors or Masters Degree in Theological Studies.
Experience working in the Training & Mentoring Sector.

At least 5 years of relevant working experience in a church with more than 1,000 members.

Salary will commensurate with qualifications and experience.


Background Summary
This is a pastoral position for someone who deeply desires to see children experience the reality of God in their lives and grow up spiritually healthy, who really enjoys being around children, and truly understands the concerns of parents to this current generation of 2 – 12 year olds.


  • Administration
    • Working with children, teachers and parents to run the weekly Sunday Children’s Church
    • Periodically evaluating the health of Children’s Church
    • Maintaining records for the children’s ministry, including an attendance list for each class
    • Participate in the planning of the annual budget
    • Ensuring a good transition of children to our youth ministry

  • Spiritually Nurturing Children
    • Planning the weekly children’s church service
    • Developing learning materials for different age groups
    • Grooming children for Christian leadership
    • Organizing seasonal events for children and their families
    • Identifying and ministering to children with special needs
  • Equipping Teachers
    • Identifying and recommending potential teachers to the ministry Chairperson
    • Training and motivating teachers
    • Sourcing for teaching material and training teachers how to use it/develop their own
    • Meeting with teachers to discuss progress, address concerns, pray and plan curriculum
  • Supporting Parents
    • Offer volunteering opportunities to parents
    • Teaching Christian parenting skills or recommending external courses
    • Providing ideas for parents to supervise their child’s Christian learning journey
    • Building a communication system with parents


  • A mature Christian
  • At least 5 years of work experience dealing with children or Sunday school
  • Able to understand the integrative work of ministries in the church
  • Good communication and inter-personal skills
  • Able to preach or have experience sharing the word
  • Theological Education preferred

Interested applicants should send a letter of introduction along with a current résumé to
or 597 East Coast Road, Singapore 429082, attention: Mr. Earl Tan.